Blackout Blocks™ by OtterSpace

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Installing Blackout Blocks™
Effortless Light Control

Reversably attach Blackout Blocks™ to the blackout liner and magnetically seal out the light from your window.

Step 1: Peel the adhesive backing off the window plate and securely attach it to your window frame.

Step 2: Gently slide off the cover from the Blackout Block.

Step 3: Place the Blackout Block cover over the blackout layer and smoothly slide to attach.

Step 4: To allow light in, pull the attached Blackout Block away from the window plate. When you're ready to reclaim the darkness, simply magnetically reattach it to the window plate, effectively blocking all light.

Enjoy the convenience of the Blackout Blocks™ staying securely attached to the blackout layer, ensuring a quick and effortless light seal every time.

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How do I measure my window?

Without a curtain rod:

We recommend adding a 1-2 inches to the length and width measurements of your window.

With a curtain rod:

  1. Measure the length of your window from curtain rod to the bottom of your window
  2. Measure the depth of your window and add this to the length.

Can I use the Blackout Blocks™  behind blinds?

Certainly! We suggest leaving a minimum of 2 inches of space behind your blinds. This allows for effortless placement of the blackout blocks.

If you opt for a curtain rod, you can consider wrapping the blackout layer around the blinds. Nevertheless, the majority of our customers have found it more convenient to detach the blinds and utilize the curtains independently.

Are the blackout panels machine washable?

Yes! Machine was cold and hang to dry.

Can I use the blackout layer behind my own curtains?

Absolutely. The blackout layer features a ringtop design, allowing it to be hung behind back tab curtains using the same curtain rod. Alternatively, if you have rod pocket curtains, utilizing a double rod setup is an effective solution.