Sleep Well. Anywhere.

Customizable and portable blackout curtains & magnetic blocks: Block 100% of light leaks, fit your exact window size, and no tools required. Sleep soundly, anywhere.

Amazing and super cute

These work insanely well. Like our jaws actually dropped when we pulled them closed properly the first time. We've been using regular blackout panels in our other rooms, and these are infinitely better.

-Jessica M.

Mind. Blown.

As a sleep consultant, I've trialed MANY "black out" options for my own kids and clients. Some may totally block out all light, but in a more permanent type way which most people don't prefer (we want some natural light during the day!) OR they claim to be totally black out and severely miss the mark. Otter Space is the best of BOTH worlds-- totally black out when in use, and can be easily pulled away to let in natural light. It's the real deal!

-Ashley O.

Absolutely fantastic!!

I was finally able to install my curtains yesterday and just wanted to let you know they are FABULOUS!! As an overnight worker, good sleep is hard to come by when the sun is out. These curtains have become an invaluable part of my daytime sleep routine! Thank you so much!!


USA Today's Reviewed

2023 Editors' Choice Award

Patented Blackout Layer

  • 100% blackout
  • Blocks all light bleeds
  • Can be sized to fit any window
  • Portable
  • Use with or without a curtain rod
  • Can be hung behind blinds or used independently

Blackout Solutions for Everyone

Take your existing blackout curtains to the next level with our Blackout Blocks™. For exceptional blackout results, accompany them with our high-quality 100% blackout liner.

Blackout Blocks™

Use our patent-pending Blackout Blocks™ with your existing blackout curtain.

Total Blackout Kit

Completely block all light with our OEKO-TEX Certified 100% blackout liner and Blackout Blocks™.

Outer Curtains

Customize the look of your room by adding an outer curtain to our blackout layer.

Perfect for travel

Portable blackout kit

Our blackout layer is removable for travel. Take the blackout curtain panel and Blackout Blocks™ with you for a great night's sleep anywhere.

Or use the blackout layer alone at home with or without a curtain rod.

Better sleep for everyone

No more early wakeups with the sun

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