What type of curtain rod do I need?

Any curtain rod will work with our curtains (or none at all for travel or hanging the blackout layer behind blinds). You can use a single rod and hang both layers together or double curtain rod to hang the layers seperately. 

Are the curtains machine washable?

Yes! Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Hang to dry.

What size curtain panel do I need for my window?

Each panel will cover a window that is 50” wide. Windows wider than 50” would require two panels to be sure all the light is blocked (and windows over 100” would require 3 panels, etc.). It is also important to consider that the panel needs to be pushed against the window. So allow at least an extra inch at the bottom of the panel.

Can I use the curtains if I have blinds on my window?

Absolutely! If you don't have a curtain rod, you can use the blackout layer on its own by placing it behind your blinds, as shown in our portable blackout option. Just ensure you have about 1.5 inches of clearance behind your blinds for the blackout blocks to fit.

If you use a curtain rod, many customers find it easier to remove their blinds entirely, as they become unnecessary. However, if you prefer to keep the blinds, you can use the blackout layer in front of them, but it may be challenging to block out every bit of light, and you may see light leaks. We recommend removing the blinds for a simpler installation, smoother use, and optimal light-blocking capabilities.

Can I use my own outer curtain and purchase the blackout layer alone?

Yup! The blackout layer has curtain rings that attach to the curtain rod in between the outer curtain's back tabs. They are completely separate. If you have a curtain that has back tabs or grommets you can order the blackout layer and place it behind your current curtain.

If you have a curtain with a rod pocket you can use a double curtain rod and hang them on the two separate rods.

Do I have to use the Blackout Blocks?

Only if you want to block all light bleeds!

Our curtain also work well when used as "traditional" blackout curtains. However, they will block every bit of light from the edges if you use the blackout blocks.

How do I use the curtains?

You can use the curtains as you would any traditional curtain. Or check out our 'How-To' video to see how to incorporate the Blackout Blocks to block all light from the edges of the curtain.

How can I purchase additional adhesive?

We use adhesives like 3M Command™ Strips. Refills of this type of adhesive, among others, can be found at most retail stores and online marketplaces.

*3M has not endorsed or sponsored this product or this company in any way. We just use adhesives like the Command™ Strips in our product.


How can I cancel my order?

Yes, you may cancel your preorder if it has not yet been fulfilled and shipped. Please email hello@inotterspace.com for assistance.

What if I receive the wrong or damaged product?

Please contact hello@inotterspace.com within seven days of the delivered date to discuss replacement options.


Can you provide worldwide shipping?

We are currently shipping in the US and Canada. We are hoping to expand to more countries soon - stay tuned for updates on this!

Do you ship to Canada?

We do! Orders shipped to Canada may be subject to duties and customs fee upon receipt. OtterSpace is not responsible for these additional fees, as they are the responsibility of the recipient. We recommend contacting your customs office to determine what the additional costs may be.

Once your package leaves the country we cannot provide any further information other than what is provided in the shipping tracking system. If you have delivery issues, please contact your local postal service or UPS directly.